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A young woman was depressed because she was so flat-chested. So when her fairy godmother appeared one day and offered to grant her most heartfelt wish, the young woman instantly requested large breasts.

"All right, my dear," said her fairy godmother. "From this moment on, every time a man says 'Pardon' to you, your breasts will grow."

The next day the woman was walking down the sidewalk, lost in thought, when she bumped into a policeman. "Pardon me," said the cop politely. Her breasts grew an inch. She was ecstatic.

A few days later the young woman was doing her shopping at the supermarket. Leaving with a large bag of groceries, she bumped
into another customer. "Pardon me," the man said, bending over to help her collect her groceries.

The young woman's breasts grew another inch. Very happy, she decided to treat herself to dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Going in the door, she collided with a waiter, who bowed and said, "Oh, miss, I beg of you a thousand pardons.

The Headline in the paper the next day read: WAITER CRUSHED BY TWO TORPEDOES.

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